Living in the city

Watching this film by George C. Stoney from 1964 , today’s life in cities does not seem so different than about 40 years ago, does it?

Visiting a Rough Neighborhood Alters the Psyche

visiting rough neighborhood alters the psychby Stephanie Pappas |  14.01.2014 | livescence | Article link

Another example of how the environment in which we live affect our behaviour and attitudes.

Daniel Nettle, a behavioral scientist from Newcastle University, shows in his latest research study publish in 2014 how anyone gets affectes even from a brief visit to a new environment.

Source_ Tom Gilbert

Parks make us smarter, science proves it!







by Henry Grabar |  21.09.2013 | Salon magazine | Article link

Very exhiting and interesting article about some Edinburgh architecture research that proves nature has in important role to play on tha changes our mind experiences throughout a walk.

Image_Edinburgh Meadows by Peter Warwick

Source_Adina Deacu


Neuroscience and Architecture: Seeking Common Ground

salk institute.2

by  Esther M. Sternberg and Matthew A. Wilson | 20.10.2006 | Cell volum 127 

Interesting article that seeks to highlight the possible common ground between Architecture and Neuroscience.

Esther M. Sternberg is also well know for other publications such Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being and The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions.